Jack Ma, Alibaba Creator

„I failed 3 times in college. I applied 30 times to get a job but I was always rejected. When KFC came to China for the first time, we were 24 to apply and I was the only one dismissed. I wanted to go into the police but I was the only one not accepted. I applied 10 times to Harvard University in the US and I was rejected. ”

Jack Ma, Alibaba Creator and 22nd Worlds richest man according to fortune and according to Forbes 2015 list with $29.8 billion networth.

Moral of the story … Never give up because you failed once or twice, know that failure is sometimes the universe telling you that your mission in life is somewhere else.

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Journalist: „What is the secret of your success?”

CEO: „Two words”

Journalist: „And, what are they?”

CEO: „Right decisions.”

Journalist: „But how do you make right decisions?”

CEO: „One word.”

Journalist: „And, what is that?”

CEO: „Experience.”

Journalist: „And how do you get experience?”

CEO: „Two words.”

Journalist: „And, what are they?”

CEO: „Wrong decisions.”